Derby City Council

Cllr Bolton lies to her Ward constituents over “being greedy”

It was recently reported that Cllr Bolton (Labour – Chaddesden) had overspent on her postage budget. What wasn’t exposed was that she had lied to her constituents over this matter.

In 2016/17 the total spend by all 51 Councillors on postage and delivery, was £3122, across 17 wards in Derby. £1287 (41%) of this was spent by Cllr Bolton, alone, for her “Welcome Letters” and regular ward reports. Many Councillors pay for printing and distribution costs from their own pockets, or through local fund raising, and avoid burdening the Council.

The breakdown of the £3122, by party, was:

Lib Dems           £0
UKIP                 £36
Conservatives £122
Labour          £2964

Incidentally, of the £2071 charged by 51 Councillors for Travel and Susbsistence in 2016/17 – £566 (27%) was charged by Cllr Bolton, alone. This was only topped by Cllr Rawson who claimed £910….most Councillors chose not to claim anything at all.

So, when Cllr Bolton had to resort to “hand-delivering” her reports, as opposed to using the postal system, she blamed the conduct of other Councillors by stating in her ward report ( below):

“This is due to the Council postal system being abused by some Councillors. Therefore all Councillors have to suffer because of a few being greedy and acting unprofessionally”

The evidence would suggest that she is the “few” that she is referring to and she has breached her obligation (Nolan principles) , as a Councillor, regarding “Honesty”, “Openness” and “Accountability”.

Post script

Cllr Bolton was also challenged by Derby News previously “Cllr Bolton “economical with truth” over failed Pledge on Children’s Homes”. She subsequently confessed in a Council Cabinet meeting, and agreed that the Pledge had not been achieved.

Extract from Cllr Bolton’s Ward report

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  1. It seems to me they are milking the coffers between them I’m afraid I’ll be voting otherwise in the future elections it’s time there is to be a shake up I’m beginning not to trust anyone who stand for our City council.

  2. Weather to blame councillor banwait or not for the decisions the labour group collectively make is immaterial there seems to be more than one bad apple in the basket some of the decisions made over the last few years are making derby derelict, the residents of derby own these properties and labour group come to the same conclusion every time knock it down we will have a new one and paid for how. Look at the council house the paint has not dried and more alterations bad decisions again when does it stop (always blame the private consultants I suppose) we don,t need this keep the work in house the skills are there. The mystery fires that always happen to the unoccupied buildings, that would make it easier to demolish I suppose. Think the people of derby need a change of administration, we need professional accountable councillors who we can trust, the council tax is one cake and everybody needs a slice based on priorities. We all have to make our money go round in our own way we are all accountants from the pensioner on £100 a week to the company director on £1000s. Polling day is not that far away time for retribution

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