Special Educational Needs

Derby parents support National Crisis March for SEND ( Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

Parents with children who have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) have a constant battle with Derby City Council over the funding to support their child’s education.

This friction is not a new phenomenon and is evident throughout the system.

This issue is often mis-reported as Cuts. This is incorrect – the budget provided to Derby City Council continues to increase. However the demand for the service, particularly locally, is escalating faster than the rise in the financial support provided from London. Recent legislation is also burdening local authorities with more obligations which is creating a further pressure on the limited finances.

More detail in a previous article “Special Needs Education Funding shortfall: Creative solutions required not careless communications”

Many children’s lives have already been affected by the way Councils have chosen to challenge and restrict their individual rights to education; this is just going to get worse. It is felt by local authorities run by all political parties, trade unions and parents that the situation has gone critical, and that the Crisis needs addressing…as a matter of urgency.

Chrissa Wadlow, who set up Sunshine Support a few years ago ( a Community Interest Company providing a range of free, and chargeable services to help parents of children with SEND, locally, and in many other cities in the UK) co-ordinated the event outside the Council House, and spoke to the attendees, of the Crisis, and the work that is necessary to ensure that SEND children would be able secure their legal right to an education.


Given the opportunity, every parent with  a SEND child would have been outside the Council House, today.  Unfortunately many find it impossible to juggle the demands of managing the complexities of their child’s needs and behaviours, with their desire to show passion for a cause which is, quite simply, a social injustice.

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