An ever-increasing list of organisations that I support / work with / believe in/ have written about….

Indian Community Centre in Derby
Open Doors Forum – for Black African Caribbean community in Derby
Roma Community Care
Impact Derby – helping young people avoid violence, gang culture
Spectrum Derbyshire – Human Rights, and Mandela Centre
International Women’s Day Derby
Derby Refugee Advice Centre – regular support for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Derby
Women’s Work – for women who are drug users / sex workers / subject to domestic abuse
Multi-Faith Centre
Art Core – visual arts charity
Derbyshire Positive Support – for people and families living with HIV/AIDS
Jobsearch-Education-Mentoring (JEM)
Holocaust Memorial Day Derby
Mandela Centre  Community Enterprise and Human Rights Education Centre
SV2 – Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence

CORE – Supporting Victims of Crime in Derbyshire Cope and Recover – information, signposting, links to organisations who can help with all forms of crime

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