Charity issues

Derby News Community Grants – Simple Funding for Important Projects.

The Derby News Community Grant initiative has been launched in memory of my Mother and Father who both died recently. It is a way in which their personal legacy can be felt more widely in the community and that people who have great ideas, and are trying to do good, but need some modest support, can be helped.

The focus is on small organisations, ( and individuals), in Derby, and surrounding areas, who are struggling to get funding for important projects. You can apply for a few tens/hundreds or thousand of pounds..

Applying for a grant involves minimal bureaucracy, and concentrates on identifying and supporting great ideas.

The process for applying is simple – no complicated rules!

1. Send me an email (, including:

  • Who you are, with some background + contact details
  • What you want the grant for, and how much
  • Why you want it, and who benefits
  • What have you done to get funding, and how much are you contributing
  • When do you want it
  • Why’s the grant so important to you?
  • And anything else you want to tell me…

….and please be enthusiastic!

2. Attach a copy of your accounts ( if you have any)

3. If it looks interesting, then I’ll contact you to have a meeting to discuss it further.

4. A decision will be made quickly.

A few points to consider before submitting:

  • Grants will not be given for political, or religious  causes, or general running costs of an organisation
  • Projects of a commercial nature will not be supported.
  • Derby News is granted exclusive rights to publicise the project for which money is donated, including photographs ( exceptions will be considered where that may be inappropriate)
  • The meeting will include a review of the organisations finances.
  • Funding is only likely to be given where it is evident that other sources /alternatives have been pursued. There are no specific match funding constraints.
  • Grants are more likely to be successful where organisations/individuals have generated some of the funds themselves.
  • All financial transactions are electronic.

There are no deadlines – please submit when you’re ready.

The grant is totally discretionary and can be withdrawn at any time.

If in doubt, please contact me.

I look forward to working with you, and funding your Important Project.



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