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Cllr Bolton changes her “Pledge” on Children’s Homes, to cover up failure

“Children’s services in Derby City are good. The director of children’s services (DCS), chief executive, senior leaders and members are a strong, collaborative group with a proven ability to improve services for children and families. Effective strategic partnerships, aligned strategic needs assessments, clear governance arrangements and integrated commissioning of services ensure shared priorities and actions to improve outcomes for children”

This is the opening paragraph from OFSTED’s report on Derby City Council’s Children’s Services which confirmed their “GOOD” rating….and the whole team should be warmly congratulated for this performance.

Cllr Bolton, Cabinet member for Children and Young People was right to publicise this success on behalf of the Council’s team.

At yesterday’s Council Meeting a banner was standing, proudly, declaring this achievement together with the “50 Pledges” symbol. The only problem was that this was not one of the “50 pledges”

Cllr Bolton’s Pledge relating to OFSTED ratings was  on all Children’s Homes, specifically:

This pledge failed to achieve the target. It was not true in April 2017, as reported in a previous article. Since then a Derby City Council Care Home has been declared as “Requires Improvement” by OFSTED…but still Cllr Bolton claims that she has delivered this PLEDGE.


All pledges are a matter of public record. The OFSTED ratings are readily available for inspection.  The fact is a Derby City Council Registered Care Home has a “Requires Improvement” status and she committed, on behalf of the Council, that they would all be “GOOD”, by April 2017.  Another Care Home (SC481443) was reported as “Requires Improvement” in January 2017.

The Council is not admitting that a Pledge has failed….it has just changed the Pledge to suit!

Will Cllr Bolton volunteer an answer?





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