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Booking a slot at Raynesway tip. How difficult is it?

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Just over a year ago, Derby City Council introduced a booking system for Rayneway tip ( Household Waste Recycling Centre – HWRC). This was done to avoid over crowding and maintain social distancing during the pandemic. A secondary benefit has been to identify the signficant usage by people using it for commercial waste.

In the early days it was criticised for being difficult to use, flawed, and potentially a deterrent for those who had a legitimate need for the facility.

The continuation of the booking system has recently been confirmed to mixed reaction. Apart from the need to register a time slot, each person has a maximum of 12 visits per year.

So how easy is it to register and book a slot? I tried out the process.

Searching on “Raynesway tip booking” provides the link to the Council webpage and the option for ” Booking a visit to Raynesway HWRC”

Link to the HWRC booking page

From this page it is possible to create an account which requires basic details, address, car registration – there is no requirement to put in credit card details ( previously reported elsewhere). To make the booking, click on the required date from which there is a drop down of time slots under “Entry time”.

On Bank Holiday Monday there were plenty of options available.

The whole process takes a few minutes. If necessary the booking can be cancelled under “Manage Digital Permits”


I was expecting the process to be cumbersome – however it was very easy, and quick.

In a world where we are very used to booking /buying on-line, in advance, this is normal business. It’s difficult to see how this would represent a deterrent to the extent that people would resort to fly-tipping.

Unless someone is a serial DIYer then the limit of 12 visits per year seems more than adequate.

It would be an issue for people who have no access to the internet, however many services are on-line only, these days. If anyone found themselves struggling with lack of access then I’m sure a call to their local Councillor would resolve this!

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