Multi-cultural city

A celebration of Derby’s cultural diversity in music, song, and dance

A Festival took place today at The Spot, and St Peter’s Cross, which drew on the talents of many different communities living in Derby – Kurdish, West Indian, Bosnian,  Nepalese, Indian, Congolese, Ukrainian together with songs from the Sufi faith. Many other peoples were in attendance from  Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Afghanistan….to name but a few. Billed as “In Sync”, it was promoted by Upbeat Communities on behalf of Derby City Council with the intention of showcasing diverse talents.

Free food was available from many cultures, and the event gave passers-by  the opportunity to enjoy a range of different forms of entertainment. The Kurdish dancers, and music beat, encouraged the audience to get involved….which created a wonderfully inclusive dance

A great event….and well done to everyone involved in arranging it…


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