Derby City Council

Banwait’s 50 Pledges ; Cllr Bolton fails 1st target date.

On 12th April, Cllr Banwait made 50 pledges to the people of Derby:

“…Council has listened to feedback from residents and other stakeholders, and has developed 50 Pledges, to set out our ambitions to drive progress towards the Vision of a Safe, Strong and Ambitious Derby. The attached Delivery Plan contains details on the pledges made under each Cabinet Portfolio….”

The majority of the pledges are committed for delivery before the May 2018 elections in Derby City. One due for completion in April 2017, related to Children’s homes:

The Pledge is :

“We will ensure all of Derby’s children’s homes are judged good or outstanding.

How will members of the public recognise this?:

“Children’s homes are inspected regularly by Ofsted and we publish the results.”

Time frame: April 2017.

What is the actual position…?

Ofsted identify 12 separate Children’s Homes, subject to assessment, in Derby. Of these, based on the last full inspection, 9 are “Good”, and 3 are “Requires Improvement”.

Ofsted ratings can be Outstanding / Good / Requires Improvement / Inadequate

There are no reports due for completion in April 2017.

There is no evidence of the results being published on the Derby City Council website, or elsewhere, despite a number of approaches to the Council to seek clarification

Was the pledge met…?

The Pledge was clear and simple “ALL” Homes would be judged “Outstanding” or “Good” by April 2017 – this has not been achieved – therefore the Council has failed on this Pledge. One would expect that a Pledge made for delivery within a few weeks of its launch would have been a guaranteed success.

Further work is being conducted on the other 49 Pledges. Further reports will be published….

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