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Cllr Pegg told to pay £1800 back to Police and Crime Commissioner

6x4a3972aFollowing Derby News investigation into the grant given to Cllr Pegg’s MECA organisation, by the Police and Crime Commissioner,  he has been told to give back £1800, of the £19306 he was paid.

My previous article “Ex-Mayor Cllr Pegg lies to Police and Crime Commissioner to secure funding” exposed how Pegg had behaved in obtaining the grant from the PCC and how he had embellished the facts to present a more substantial case. A subsequent review of the invoices showed that Pegg had submitted:

  • a duplicate invoice
  • an invoice for building related work, from before the start of the contract date which was unrelated to the declared scope of the grant.

These costs have been recovered following Derby News involvement.

The £15,000 invoice for the largely high-end sound and lighting equipment included costs for a 2nd amplifier, and 2nd mixing unit, together with labour costs 10 times greater than necessary and over a kilometre of cabling – the excess being around £4000. This has still yet to be addressed by the PCC, and should also be recovered. The equipment was supplied by a local company called Pro-Technical – which has a factory address in a Unit off Curzon Street, albeit with no visible presence. It is owned by one person, Richard Anderson who, at 31 January 2016, had a bank balance of £250,000 with a profit in 2016 of £30,000.


Notwithstanding why the PCC paid these invoices, they should not have been submitted. As MECA is Pegg, then this is his doing. He saw the opportunity to defraud the PCC of a few thousand pounds and, for nearly 12 months, he was successful. If dozens of invoices had been submitted, then perhaps one could see how an innocent mistake could have been made – in fact there was 6.

To some organisations, £1800 is a lot of money, ( I know one that is doing considerable fund-raising to secure just £800), but to Pegg it is petty cash which he wastes with impunity.

I hope that the PCC take the opportunity to donate the £1800, which was originally secured from “Criminal Earnings”, to a group who will do something of real value to people in the community.




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  1. This man has consistently lied to the electorate and has deliberately misled other councillors about his actions and yet still no resignation as councillor and suspension from the Labour party. He’s obtained money by fraudulent means, any other person (non Labour councillor) would be forced to resign. Why have the Labour councillors swept this under the carpet, especially as it puts the PCC in a particular light, as if to cover up a party members actions.

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