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Banwait’s bizarre response to being challenged on £60k Communications Consultant

6x4a4739I reported a few days ago about the proposed new £60k Communications Consultant that Cllr Banwait feels that he needs in the Council. This evening (9 Nov 2016) was the Cabinet meeting where that proposal was formally tabled. Cllr Holmes ( Leader of the Conservative Group) challenged Banwait over this decision. Earlier in the meeting Banwait had made some scathing comments about me, and my reporting, directly, and this continued into this section of the meeting.

I think Cllr Banwait’s response is certainly intriguing, enlightening on the relationship with the Derby Telegraph and, at times, bizarre…..please watch this short clip.


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  1. Cllr Banwait is a master of arrogance and abuse. Unfortunately, he is so busy confirming his own position he rarely actually answers a question as asked, or uses 10 words where 100 will do. His body language is bizarre, his conviction that he can do no wrong is chilling, and he does neither the city nor the council any favours by his unacceptable behaviour. He needs to remember that he is a public servant, funded by the public purse, and not a feudal baron.

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