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Remembrance Day : 11 hour challenge to support Red Cross and Royal British Legion

This is Joseph Chivayo’s 2nd year, running for 11 hrs, 11 minutes and 11 seconds to raise money for the 2 charities ( British Red Cross, and Royal British Legion)  that he actively supports throughout the year – but most poignantly on this Remembrance Day.

Link to Joseph’s fundraising page


Although these charities are well known, my previous article explains more about the good work that they do, both nationally and in Derby. The money that Joseph raises will be channelled into the Derby based initiatives. There are 2 local projects part-funded by the British Legion

Growing Lives – helping veterans with substance abuse and those with no home by providing a place to develop new skills, including carpentry, cooking and gardening

Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service – supports veterans with alcohol abuse, issues with one-to-one coaching and meet-up

Anyone who is a veteran, or active member of the Armed Forces can go to the “Pop-In” centre on St Peter’s Street and get support. This is especially valuable to those who find themselves in times of difficulty, vulnerability or homelessness.


The British Red Cross has a location on Liversage Street in Derby, and, as a charity, is in constant need of funds to be able to help the range of vulnerable people that draw on their services.

Whilst Joseph trains regularly, and is a fit man, running and cycling for just over 11 hours is still a gruelling challenge. For him, this is nothing compared to the commitments made by everyone who served in the Armed Forces that have secured peace and security in this country. This gesture is his way of honouring those that served, and especially those that fell, and never returned to their families.

The images capture some of his pain after 7 hours of continuous exercise….and only 4 hours to go!

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Link to Joseph’s fundraising page

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