Derby City Council

Banwait to spend £60,000 on communications consultant

6X4A0981b_wmA Council that is battling with austerity funding , and diverting scarce resources away from discretionary services ( including Xmas lights) to mandated, statutory obligations shouldn’t be considering funding £60,000 on a communications consultant.

At the Cabinet meeting next Wednesday, the following is being proposed:

“Separately, £60,000 funding is required for a Communications Consultant to provide
overall support to Council communications, including to officers and members, over the
next six to twelve months. The consultant will provide additional capacity to deliver
proactive communications of various issues across the city.

The contract will be to work for 2-3 days per week, commencing Autumn 2016, for six
months but with an option to extend the contract by up to a further six months subject to
total expenditure not exceeding £60,000 (excluding VAT).”

Is this really a priority, and good value for money?

This will be approved, and passed without any challenge!


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  1. Noooooo!!!
    How can this be stopped?
    When will Councillors realise that instead of employing expensive Consultants when money is so tight, try talking to Frontline Staff and consider their thoughts! And create a Steering Comittee to put thoughts into action. At worst, that could then allow at least £59,000 to be invested back into the Community – eg. The Citizens Advice Bureau, local Libraries, etc.
    Isn’t the new ‘3 Ringed Circus’ enough wastage of public money for now?

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