Derby City Council

STRIKE!: Teaching Assistants target Banwait’s Boulton ward for support


Dave Prentis addresses the striking Support Staff

“It’s immoral what is happening to you, absolutely immoral. This Council has got choices…and it has chosen to hit you…and it’s wrong. We must stop them! And it must never happen again. We’ve got to stay together – we’ve got to defeat this Council….and the worst thing is, it’s a Labour Council”

said Dave Prentis, General Secretary UNISON who joined the striking School Support for today’s strike.

He continued…

“And I’ve seen today something that I never thought I would see, which was parents, play leaders, now being brought in as Teaching Assistants – it’s strike breaking!! It’s a Labour Council strike breaking against some of the lowest paid workers – it’s got to stop – it will become a national dispute.

I’m saying to you, and I don’t say this often – we can win this dispute…we will get this Council to see sense. It’s immoral, it’s wrong what they’re doing and they’ll pay for it!”

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The 150+ striking School Support staff met at the Blue Peter pub for a quick brunch and briefing. They then split into 15 groups who systematically walked round the whole of Banwait’s Boulton ward, knocking on doors, explaining the nature of the dispute, asking for signatures, encouraging them to write to Cllr Banwait…and spreading the word.


This was an innovative and unique approach to strike action through seeking popular support.


There was a huge amount of positive feedback from the residents that no amount of facebook posts would have ever achieved.


“I don’t think this Council realised what they were doing when they decided to cut your pay. They had no idea of what you were capable of….but they do now!”

said Dave Prentis.

Too true – anyone who has spoken to the Schools support staff will know they are very organised, very determined, and very well supported, locally, and nationally – the Council continue to be more and more isolated.


Posted on the Council facebook page this morning

We’ve had reports from residents regarding people purporting to represent unison in the Boulton Ward area. If you are approached, please ask to see ID and do not share any information you are uncomfortable with.

A very limp attempt indeed….

Previous articles, and detailed information regarding the Teaching Assistant/ School Support staff dispute

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