Derby News – Independent journalism – Social issues, local politics, multi-culturalism


Derby is a rich, vibrant and complex City with many cultures, nationalities, ethnicities and social conditions. It is a City, like most in the UK, where many of the people are struggling with the current economic conditions and policies of the national and local Governments. Largely invisible to most of the population, many individuals, voluntary organisations, faiths, and established institutions coalesce in a number of forms and ways to address the issues that arise.

Derby News has been established as an Independent, self-funded, locally based journalistic channel to report on the following broad themes:

  • Multi-cultural Derby – the different communities and people in the City
  • Asylum Seekers / Refugees
  • Homelessness / Rough sleeping / food support
  • Domestic, and Sexual Violence and Sex work
  • Disability
  • Derby City Council – local political issues
  • Comment – special investigations  / research on issues / national actions



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