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11 months later: JET still can’t justify 2nd payment from Police &CC

6X4A6508apccIn my article last October, titled  “JET: Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) waste £11000 of public money on a fruitless contract” I highlighted how the PCC was refusing to pay the 2nd installment of this project due to the lack of a satisfactory report. To qualify for the final £10,700, JET needed to have submitted the interim report by 31st March 2015, with payment due a month later.

11 months later the PCC confirms:

“There was not a second payment made as we have still not received a satisfactory interim report”

The final report for the whole project was due for submission on 30th September 2015 – this has still not been finalised.

Finally, one of JET’s funders has asked some pertinent questions, dug below the surface, and realised that JET has been found wanting…and have witheld payment.  Whether they choose to recover the 1st payment is only something they can decide. The fact that JET proceeded with a project proposal on something which was way outside their core focus, with extremely ambitious targets to convince the PCC to grant the bid, direct to the Police and Crime Commissioner is a reflection of how far either their arrogance, or desperation, has taken them – who knows?

Perhaps Derby City Council may take inspiration from the PCC’s approach and review whether the £118,000 that they paid to JET was really “value for money” – more and more people are asking these questions…including local Councillors! Perhaps their other funders may take heed?

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