Derby City Council

I absolutely agree with Councillor Banwait….

6X4A6008I absolutely agree with Councillor Banwait when he criticised the Tory Councillors for proposing a motion at this evening’s Council meeting to ‘Save Moorways’.  I totally agree that this gave the campaigners, users and residents, false hope that somehow the decision might possibly change when in fact the case was closed on February 3rd.  In much the same way that the “call-in” charade on the Voluntary Sectors( VCF) Cuts was a mirage of democracy. There was never a chance that the decision would have been changed on March 1st – the decision was taken on February 3rd.

I absolutely agree with Councillor Banwait when he stated clearly in the debate on changing the Election Cycles, that the people of Derby can think about more than one thing at a time. That the May elections, and the EU referendum would not represent a distraction from the public being consulted on this issue and forming a considered view. I absolutely agree that the Council should hear and respect the public’s opinion and recognise it in their policy-making – after all the Council do represent the public. In the same way that the Council fully respected the 2% of respondents to the  VCF consultation who supported the proposal – the 98% who voted against it were clearly non-representative.

I absolutely agree with Councillor Banwait and support the motion on improving mental health in the City, and that Cllr Repton, with his 25 years in Psychiatry,should be mental health champion. I understand that it must a particular skill of a Councillor to hold two completely opposing views at the same time and not recognise the conflict. I believe in psychology that this is known as cognitive dissonance – championing the mental well-being of the people of Derby and at the same time cutting the very grants that will be supportive of that initiative.

I absolutely agree with Councillor Banwait that the Tory Government cuts to Derby City Council are significant and I imagine it is difficult when you believe that your entire life is determined by one single causal influence – that must explain why he keeps returning to the same topic, even though the Government only contribute to 20% of the Council’s income. The other 80%, which is nothing to do with any Tory Govt decision, must be completely out of his control.

I absolutely agree with Councillor Banwait when he challenges voluntary organisations to be creative and think of other sources of funding and not just rely on the Council all the time, and am confident that he is seeking other alternative funding streams for the Council in between complaining about the 20% of the funding controlled by the Tories. In fact since December 2015 he should be applauded for securing an additional £9m of funding for the Council but I remain confused as to why he has been so shy in telling the public about it.

I absolutely agree with Councillor Banwait when he talks about being accessible, and clear and transparent in communications. I’m absolutely sure that he will be mentoring Cllr Rawson on how to avoid monumentally side-stepping a clear, direct, question about JET in the Council meeting this evening.

I never realised that there were so many ways in which I absolutely agree with Councillor Banwait…




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