Derby City Council

Derby Labour Group has elected Cllr Baggy Shanker & Cllr Nadine Peatfield as its Leader & Deputy Leader.

In a statement  Cllr Shanker  said:

“I am delighted and really looking forward to becoming Derby Labour Group Leader from the 12th May.

During these extremely worrying and unprecedented times I will work tirelessly to help any individual, family, group, organisation or business to help get through this and make sure we come out of the pandemic stronger. I will offer mine and all of the Labour Group’s support to the current Council administration and officer core to help in whatever way is needed.

Now is the time, more than any other to work collaboratively for the common good. I have already asked the Council to use additional money allocated by the Government to increase devolved budgets to Neighbourhood Boards so we can help individuals and voluntary groups in our neighbourhoods so badly impacted by the deadly virus and implications of the much needed lockdown.”

He went on to thank Cllr Lisa Eldret for her hard work and passion in the role and her efforts to re-build trust in the Labour group. Finally, he made a plea for the Council to:

“get on with and finish the major infrastructure projects that have either just started, stalled or been talked about for far too long without progress”


Party politicking rarely delivers at City Council level – it is routinely divisive.  Robust, constructive challenge is a must. The City, now, just needs a progressive Council, that is genuinely working together.

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