Charity issues

The community comes together to bring the Christmas spirit to 70 Sinfin/Osmaston residents

Back in June I attended the Sinfin Ward “Royal Wedding” lunch for the elderly residents. Many people mentioned about the Christmas lunch from the previous year and suggested I should come along in 2018 – it’s great community atmosphere… but “too much food” which was said, with a hint of charm. It was an offer not to be resisted.

About 70 people from the Sinfin and Osmaston areas were specially invited to join the event at Sinfin Moor church, and have dinner, meet friends, the Mayor, and Santa…and have a sing-song.

Many of the people involved are, or were, Derby City Council employees. They, the local Councillors and community police support officers and many others, gave of their time, freely – with a number taking holiday to ensure that they could support it. The cohesion was from years of working for the community.

I don’t doubt that there were minor crises along the way, but the dinner ran very efficiently, on the day, and all the guests were fed their 3 courses with the aid of many helpers.

Food was donated from within the community, flowers from Flowerworld, raffle prizes from anyone who fell for the smooth talking of the organisers and financial donations from private individuals which made it self-supporting.

Cllr Nadine Peatfield and her group of singers provided festive cheer with their medley of Christmas songs ending with the every popular Slade tune, getting everyone swinging.

It is humbling that so many volunteers come together, and put a lot of hard work in to making this a special day for those who may struggle through this period. True Christmas spirit.

I met Doris again, briefly, today. She is well over 90, still formidable , although slightly tempered with age, but knows what she wants. She smiled – ” You’re the one that got me on TV last time”. Modestly, I tried to correct her – “No, that’s not me”.  Quick as a flash ” Yes’ it was definitely you….I’ll let you get on with your work” ….who am I to argue! 🙂


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