Derby City Council

Full Council Meeting : “a truly depressing evening”

At last nights Council meeting, Cllr Fareed Hussein sunk to a new low by accusing Cllr Smale that his motion to have Cllr Nawaz removed from a Committee was motivated by Racism!

Nawaz was found guilty by the cross-party Standards Committee of improperly giving references to prospective taxi licensees. Hussein’s angry speech in Nawaz’s defence, which had to be curtailed on the advice of the Legal Officer ( he was giving out personal details and potentially breaching Data Protection laws), lost its way, and any credibility, when he descended to this outrageous and unfounded slur in order to attempt to win the debate.

The majority of the meeting was dedicated to amendment proposals to the Budget and questions from the Public and Councillors. As usual, the public were treated with contempt, especially those 14 people who had asked questions on Northridge House, a planned 8 storey block in Alvaston. The Councillor Questions seemed to be largely driven by point scoring, and, in some cases, the answers given, were grossly misunderstood by the originating Councillor, that any attempt to “land a blow” with the follow-up question, misfired like a damp firecracker.

There was nothing to redeem this 4 hrs of wasted time and money.  This group of 51 Councillors (across all parties) cannot work together, did nothing of value for the people of Derby. It was a truly depressing evening..and the elections in May are unlikely to make a noticeable difference. Swapping the controlling political party will not solve the problem, albeit change, of any description would help.

The Labour group is split in many ways, and is a short step from fracturing completely. It is only power, and money that keeps them together. The left of the Labour movement in the City despise the Council group as they do not represent Labour principles. Many of the Labour Cllrs cannot abide Cllr Banwait, as the Leader, but there is not one viable alternative in that group; a sorry state of affairs. This is only conflated by the fact that the opposition do not represent a controlling group ‘in waiting’. They seem incapable of “nailing a subject” with any sense of authority and cannot competently hold the leadership to account. Everything seems to be motivated by party politicking; relentless and tiresome.

This is a “rotten” Council (51 members across 4 parties) and needs substantial external help to re-new itself before there is any chance of it serving the people of Derby.

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