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‘Under threat’ Arboretum House Care Home to be modified to include emergency 10 bed hospital discharge unit

Arboretum House is on the list to be privatised in the Council’s scheme to sell off its remaining Care Homes. If the Council had been on plan, it would have been sold by now.

The Council’s Warwick House unit includes beds for hospital step-down which provides a place for vulnerable people to go following medical attention – freeing up beds within the NHS. Unfortunately due to a number of “safety” issues the building cannot be used for its intended purpose.

Winter is a particularly critical time to ensure that hospital beds are vacated as quickly as possible following medical treatment.

Thankfully, as Arboretum House has not been sold, and there is free space in the building, emergency conversions are taking place to ensure there is an adequate Offer for the winter period ( 4 months)

£14,437 is being allocated by the Cabinet to cover additional staffing costs.

Additionally Perth House (Chaddesden) is being enhanced to make all 36 beds available for hospital discharges, and £330k is being allocated to cover this.


This is good news and important for easing pressure on the NHS.

However, this should be a wake-up call to the Council that selling off all of its care capacity might result in an inability to respond promptly to emerging issues in the future. Especially when the rationale for doing so is based on questionable cost saving calculations.

The Cabinet report finishes by stating:

“The services will be evaluated after the Winter period to determine if they should continue into 2018/19”

As the strategy for the privatisation of the Care Home and Day Care Services is beginning to unravel….perhaps the time is right to take a “rain check” and re-evaluate the way forwards.

Arboretum House is a modern facility, and it should be retained as a “jewel in the crown” of Derby City Council’s Adult Care provision.


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  1. This is good news but again shows the incompetence of the Derby City Council. This home was refurbished some years ago by money from the NHS to have dementia suffers to be assessed on leaving hospital. They added a lovely conservatory, grounds were completely refurbished. The council could not find money to fund it.
    Then the ground floor was used for LD all the new furniture that been carefull picked was divided between other homes.
    This is proof of an irresponsible DCC

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