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Cllr Paul Pegg’s charity funds 50% of new War Memorial

The Derby Telegraph has reported that the new War Memorial in Mackworth has cost £18,000 funded by s106 money ( contributions by house builders into the community). It is correct to say that the development of the old Derby College site did result in money being generated for “public art”, however this was only for £10,000 ( according to the planning documents, on record). This would have been held by Derby City Council in trust for the local community.

In the 2016 accounts for Pegg’s charity, Mackworth Estate Community Association, it shows a payment of £9,500 for the Memorial. This was funded by a specific income of £7,000 in the previous year, and £2,500 from reserves.

It’s not clear whether this resulted from a £9,500 overspend to the project budget, or it was a gesture by Pegg on behalf of his charity…and the community.

If the Telegraph reporting is correct, then can any readers comment on where the 2nd memorial is in Mackworth?


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  1. I personally will not question the cost of any War memorial – it is only by remembering those that have given their lives that we consider our actions in the future!

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