Derby City Council

Council fails another pledge : £250,000 programme of cultural events

As one its 50 Pledges, the Council committed to communicate a £250,000 programme of cultural events by “Summer 2017”, including a “Cultural Charter”

Summer has now gone….

Thus far, the commitment has been confined to:

£2,000 to support the Caribbean Carnival 2017
£2,700 to support Pride 2017
Up to £60,000 towards the cost of the Christmas lights 2017
£15,000 for the Christmas Lights Switch-On event 2017
Underwriting the net cost of the Hannells Darley Park Concert (amount to be confirmed)
Up to £17,000 for St Georges Day Celebrations 2018

Total – £96,700 ( possibly more subject to the Darley Park costs) has been committed through to April 2018.


The implication from the pledge was that, by the end of the summer, a programme of cultural events would be published, including, presumably, new and innovative ones,  to the value of around £250,000.

Thus far this has not happened,

Once again the Council has failed against its own pledge.

The Council maintain that it has developed the Charter and it will be issued “shortly”.


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