Derby City Council

Council’s Brown Bin Scheme is now costing Derby money – what happened to the £1m saving?

Following further requests under Freedom of Information it is now clear that the Council’s Brown Bin Scheme is costing the city more than it saves.

The principle of charging residents for a brown bin to collect garden waste is only successful if a minimum level of households participate, and/or there is a wholesale use of garden composting; there is no evidence for the latter. Fundamentally the issue stems from the relative costs of waste disposal.

  • garden waste collected in a brown bin costs the council £40-£50 per tonne.
  • garden waste collected in a black bin or taken to Raynesway tip costs £90 per tonne.

The current before / after comparison is shown here.


As, an example, if 10,000 more households ( still only representing 25% of the City) signed up to the brown bin scheme, then the overall SAVING would be £450,000.


The Council is still claiming that it is saving £1,000,000 per year – the numbers simply do not bear that out.

Given this, the question is, “How is the Council balancing the books?”



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  1. My only comment is retribution is at the ballot box these people the electorate put in can,t add up and take away what an absolutely appalling situation. Such small minds the most valued asset any employer has is there workforce and to throw another 40 employees on the scrap heap,no onevoted for this! Perhaps the socialists may lead by example to balance the books all of them could take a 50 per cent pay cut or make half of them redundant!

  2. Making a charge for Brown bin collection was bound to reduce its use. That must have been obvious from the outset. Perhaps Deby council should speak with others that have s’s here’s for brown bins, eg Amber Valley and find out how they perform. Amber alley have introduced Blue recycling bins at a cost to the home owner. Consequently I don’t recycle anymore, I used to when they had the recycle collection bins, but no more, as I have to pay directly. It isn’t rocket science!

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