Derby City Council are, again, targetting low-paid women!

The business plan assumes that all existing Libraries staff will be made redundant across the 10 locations. These are:

Allenton, Allestree, Blagreaves, Chaddesden, Chellaston, Derwent, Sinfin, Mackworth, Oakwood, Spondon

The numbers of volunteers required, based on equivalent opening hours, and experience elsewhere in the country is approx 100 volunteers per library. This recognises much reduced working hours per person, greater coverage per shift, lower reliability in attendance, and greater turnover, and increased training time.

The full Employment Charter can be find HERE

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  1. So awful, like burning books! I always took my brilliant daughter to the library, and used it myself. I read to her, but even though I bought many books, children love the library, the amazing choice, and helps them to learn to read. We soon replaced school reading books (abysmal, poor and below her reading age) with our own, and donated them on to the school later. However, the choice offered by libraries encourages every child to read, and the staff, and their knowledge, are so important in helping to find the right books for children, and for directing adults to new and interesting books. DCC clearly do not understand the role of libraries and the educated staff who work there.

  2. All other coubcikd have reduced government money but they still provide free refuse collection inc garden waste, libraries, floral displays, working water features, Christmas lights and functioning swimming pools. So why can this shit shower of DCC not manage to put the money in. Ah that’s right too many councilors lining pockets, go onto the council house numerous lights on wasting away, too many people standing about as you arrive into the building and of not much help as they gesture or point rather than bothering to help! This shower of councilors need ejecting and quickly. I’ve gone to Burton, Tamworth they are small towns but they still manage to put out floral displays, free recycling of garden waste, Christmas displays, no stupid rings, no over sized council building with millions wasted on it. Come on surely must be away to ousr Binwaste and his croonies

  3. This shower of idiots are up for re election next year. I hope that the paper will highlight all their failings in the run up. They spend freely on non essentials, like pushing up their council offices, an ice rink in the city centre, all not really needed, all costing a lot especially in interest and forget that they are there to run the essential services of the town. Instead of the ice rink they could build assuming pool that every bus service comes close to, a halfway house between hosputal and home, just to name a few projects. As to libraries I don’t think any of our labour councillors learnt to read let alone used one. First thing they need to cut is their pay and of course their expenses, they don’t deserve anything more than apprentice rates

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