Derby City Council

Parents shout “Banwait Out” in support of Teaching Assistants pay dispute

For the second time in one week, and with more parents involved , including a number of Teaching Assistants, they collected in the Council Offices and protested against the pay cuts for all Teaching Support staff. Much shouting, singing and marching round the ground floor of the House, brought attention to the cause, however as it was the day after the referendum, most of the accountable Councillors were having a lie-in. David Cox, the Equal Pay review project manager, refused to come and meet the parents claiming that he was in negotiations with the Unions  – this was an excuse.

Eventually, Brian Frisby, Director of Adult Services, came down to meet the parents. He has no specific accountability but he felt that it was important that the parents were recognised. He agreed to take contact details and that a meeting with Cllr Banwait was established. They wanted a meeting on their terms, not his….!

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