Multi-cultural city

175th Anniversary celebration of Arboretum Park

175 years ago Joseph Strutt, a wealthy mill owner, commissioned the Arboretum Park as a thank you to the workers who helped him make his fortune. It is famous for being the world’s first inner city park and is claimed to be the template for Central Park in New York. Outside of the immediate locality few people know of  “the lungs of  the City” and are not aware of this treasure that is freely available for all to enjoy.

Today’s event was an opportunity to re-enjoy the park, to meet people, listen to music, dance, stalls, side-shows and games….and give space and time for the community in this area.

Although many people embraced the history in their costumes – today was very much about now and it was good to see people from different cultures supporting the event.

All credit to the organisers for making it a memorable, colourful and fun occasion.

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