New Lidl to be built on the Eagle Market

Last week the Eagle Market traders were provided with an update on their future. It was stated that declining numbers is making the Market “unsustainable” for Cale Street Investments, the owners of the Derbion centre.

In fact it is Derby City Council’s Eastern Gateway project which is driving the Market closure; the Council has already secured Lidl for the site with no space for market traders.

The 15 million users of the Bus Station are currently presented with an uninspiring entrance to the City Centre.

Derby City Council has £11m funding for the Eastern Gateway project which will transform the area opposite the bus station, including the Eagle Market. The Gateway will also include residential properties as detailed in the Council’s recent “Towards a new vision for Derby City Centre : Ambition 2022”.

The Ambition 2022 document states:

“We think that there is an opportunity to look at a more comprehensive scheme in this area in the longer term, which could include the removal of buildings that currently have a negative impact on the townscape of the area. This could create an improved gateway experience for visitors arriving at the bus station and a better link between the bus station, Riverside car park and the Market Place.”

“Towards a new vision for Derby City Centre : Ambition 2022”.


The Council should take ownership of the change and the effect it will have on the market traders – there will be no Eagle Market. For most, if not all, there will be no alternative location in the Market Hall when it becomes ready in mid-2024.

Derby City Centre will have a period of around 18 months where there will be no market at all. Not the accolade and the outcome the City should expect, especially when the Deputy Leader, Cllr Mick Barker, is also the President of the National Association of British Markets (NABMA).

The project is designed to bring significant investment into the area. This will be undermined if the prime thoroughfare for millions of visitors is a tired 70s style Market Hall. The Council wants more attractive shops like Lidl in the Gateway and not small market traders.

The City does need a transformed Gateway – perhaps it should have been more open with the people that will be affected!

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