Celebration at the Hindu Temple connecting Uttarakhand in North India to Derby – UK to UK

Uttarakhand is a region in the north east of India bordering Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayan mountains. The population is 10 million most of whom are Hindus speaking the Hindi language.

By Filpro – File:India grey.svg, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Whilst the views in Uttarakhand are stunning, and the countryside contains some unique wildlife, many thousands of people have left to take up home in the UK, and Derby. Those who have emigrated have done so to become an integral part of British society however they also want to ensure that their children have the opportunity to maintain some of their original customs, traditions and ethnic identity.

The Uttarakhand Devbhoomi Group in the UK was formed to link fellow peoples together across the country, to ensure that their heritage remains alive in the UK

Today the Derby group, which includes some of the City’s top chefs, working at the finest Indian restaurants in Derby, put on a celebration event for the local children.

Attended by the Mayor of Derby, the event included a number of dance and music acts showcasing the culture of Uttarakhand…followed by fine Indian cuisine.

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