Derby City Council

BREAKING NEWS: Postal vote fraud allegations being investigated


There are reports that Police are investigating allegations of postal vote fraud in Abbey Ward, relating to next week’s Derby City Council elections, involving a Labour Party volunteer.
Cllr Asaf Afzal is the Labour Party Candidate for the Abbey Ward

This is the advice from Derby City Council on postal votes:

This is your vote – so keep it secure

  • Complete your postal vote in private and do not let anyone else see it.
  • Do not let anyone else vote for you.
  • Do not give your ballot paper or postal pack to anyone else.
  • Seal all envelopes yourself.
  • Take your postal vote to the post box yourself, if this is not possible give it to someone you know and trust to post it for you. You can also deliver your postal vote to your polling station on election day.
  • If anyone tries to help you against your will, or forces you to give them your postal vote, you should contact the police.
  • If you have any other queries please contact Electoral Services.

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  1. Disgusting. PURE LIES IN THEIR MANIFESTO fraudulent cases. Caught lying in court. Tags on their ankles. Antisemitism. A marxist leader. An idiot thats supposedly going to get the job as chancellor if they get voted in. MY GOD WHO THE HELL IS VOTING FOR THESE PEOPLE.

    • I watched two men door stepping and collecting papers from residents in Reginald Street and Dairy House Road a few years ago at election time, I followed discreetly for several hundred yards,tried ringing police but was left hanging on for ages so gave up.
      Postal voting is abused so easily ,we will soon be as corrupt as the USA or perhaps already are?

  2. Has this investigation finished? What was the findings or was it was swept under the carpet now the elections are over?

  3. get rid of the postal vote. the public must vote at the booth, face shown and with i.d. in the old days, volunteers picked up the disabled and took them to the polling station. over and over again the elections are rigged normally by people from other countries. it has to stop. it makes a mockery of democracy

  4. Labour don’t want any scrutiny or controls, they have as many fiddles as an orchestra, those who vote for this Labour are voting for communism, the old Labour has been murdered

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