Derby City Council

Deep Clean of the City starts, including the switch-on of the Market Place fountain.

One of the Conservative administration’s manifesto commitments was to do a Deep Clean of the City – today was the first day of that process. Mid-afternoon saw the turn on of the Market Place fountain which was , notoriously switched off, a few years ago due to budget constraints.

The event was led by Jonathan Smale, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, and project managed by the Neighbourhood Team of Sharon Sewell and Sarah Dosunmu. They co-ordinated teams from Derby City Council’s Street Pride, various Council technical support functions,  volunteers from University of Derby, Broomfield College, McDonalds, Greggs, and members of the public.

The day consisted of slab cleaning, removal of chewing gum, stains. painting street furniture, pruning shrubs, planting flowers/hanging baskets, tidying up planting areas and a basic scrub down.

This is the start and there is much more to do to finish off the immediate central area. And it will expand to include other parts of the town and then the surrounding district centres. Maintaining the momentum will be difficult, but the first day has made a big difference culminating in the fountain switch on,


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