Charity issues

Disability Direct’s ‘Do What you Want Live’ showcases local providers of age and disability related services.

Disability Direct’s annual event is always an opportunity for local organisations to present their services, make contact with other providers, meet you new clients, and for service users to find potential new was of obtaining help. The City is well-served by many groups and institutions who can help improve the health and well-being of anyone with an age related condition or disability. The main problem is knowing what is out there!

For anyone not able to go the event, the Do What You Want Directory is a good on-line resource with links to many organisations across a range of categories.

And for anyone who has particular difficulties with, for example, obtaining concert tickets and needs to be sure that they get seats/spaces that recognise their personal circumstances ( and so makes reasonable adjustments) then the ACCESS CARD makes this a much easier process.  This was, again, being demonstrated at the show.


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