Derby City Council

Cllr Banwait electioneering with false promises of energy cost reductions.

When 78 year old Joan McAdam heard the door bell ring on a cold, dark, Sunday evening, in Boulton ward, the last person she expected to see was the Leader of the Council, Cllr Ranjit Banwait.  She was even more surprised when questioned about her current energy tariff; she was slightly bemused, and chilled, by this unexpected visit.

He went on to suggest that he could save her £200, and possibly £400 pa, on her energy bills if she switched to Ram Energy. He didn’t ask about current tariffs, or costs; his assertionwas a “blind guess”. Ms McAdam said she was happy with the contract she has with her current provider to which Banwait said:

” Are you happy to lose £200, it could be even £400 on your bills? Are you so rich that you can lose this amount of money”

to which she said

“But I don’t know that I am losing that sort of money at all, I’m on a low tarrif”

He never asked Ms McAdam how much she was paying….and despite this he suggested that she could save 40% of her energy bills.

Cllr Banwait persisted in trying to convince her.

“You don’t want Banwait coming along at night flogging you energy stuff on a freezing cold night….he asked me ‘ Are you happy what I’m doing in the area’….I didn’t answer him – but I didn’t want that, at my age, in the cold, and the dark”

She saw that there were 3 other people with their hi-viz jackets walking around the streets of Boulton Ward knocking on doors.

“After that, he asked if he could rely on my support…are you going to vote for me? I said, no, as I’m with UKIP”


Just under 6 months to go before the local elections. Hard-selling an apparent  money-saving energy scheme, as a lead-in to getting someone’s vote, smacks of desperation, and is ethically questionable. (It is a general principle that canvassing is done during daylight hours for obvious safety reasons). Whilst it will be an uphill battle for him, he should have the courage of his own convictions over what he’s done for Derby – there must be more dignified ways of obtaining votes?


This letter, which is only being sent to Boulton Ward residents, paid for by Derby City Council, is electioneering using taxpayers money – this is not allowed. If it had been an information leaflet for the benefit of all Derby residents then it should have been from the “Leader of Derby City Council”


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  1. I think it’s wrong for the leader of the labour party to be knocking on doors when it’s dark at night, I am a lot younger than the Lady in question and would not be happy answering the door to a stranger at night. If he is so desperate for a vote which it’s obvious that’s really what he was doing then be up front and go in the day time. Is there know lenghs this man want go to.

  2. I also received one of these letters with Councillor Amo Ragu on the top of the letter so presumeably these are being sent to all wards not just labour wards – we hope!

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