Derby News Community Grant

Original Performance Art asks many questions at The Spot – including from the Police

As part of the Divine Locale Art Festival, funded by a Derby News Community Grant, Jade Blackwood performed her latest piece of Artwork in public, at The Spot. It is currently “Untitled”, and in Jades’s words.

‘My work looks at dialogues of the ‘marked’ body in relation to concerns of the political, cultural and post-colonial. In my practice, themes of race, femininity, loss and resistance tie together with explorations of spectacle, constructed identity and social commentary. Live performances combine the historical and physical qualities of materials with the physicality and limitations of my body. I tend to use foods, condiments, birds, various synthetic liquids and carriers such as bowls to create silent works which inhabit stillness.’

It was an unusual experience for many passers-by,  to watch a performance of this style in the centre of Derby.

As the public gathered with intrigue, a few were concerned if she was ok, or whether she was having some form of mental breakdown. Towards the end, 3 Police Officers arrived, who were advised that she may have been under the influence of Black Mamba.

People asked questions – which is what it was about.

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