Derby City Council

Banwait’s 50 Pledges ; 2nd one fails target date

The 2nd of Banwait’s 50 pledges which he made in April 2017, has not delivered as promised.

To re-cap:

On 12th April, Cllr Banwait made 50 pledges to the people of Derby:

“…Council has listened to feedback from residents and other stakeholders, and has developed 50 Pledges, to set out our ambitions to drive progress towards the Vision of a Safe, Strong and Ambitious Derby. The attached Delivery Plan contains details on the pledges made under each Cabinet Portfolio….”

Apart from the aspiration of making Derby the cleanest city in England by 2021, the most tangible aspect of this pledge was the deliverable committed for April 2017.-

What was achieved…?

  1. A Neighbourhood Charter has not been launched to the public.
  2. £1.6m has not been invested in improvements to Derby’s street scene, and living environment.

The £1.6m consists of :

Cancelling planned cuts in 2017/18 and 2018/19 ( detailed in last year’s plan) to:

Maintenance of bus station, bus stops, shelters

Grounds maintenance services

Street cleansing services


No longer saving – (now “investing”)  £0.4m

The Council will also not:

Reconfigure the Community Safety and Integration Service

Make efficiencies within leisure services – parks element

No longer saving £0.6m – no clarity on how this represents an “investment”

A budget allocation in 2017/18 of £0.6m to cover:


Streetpride standards.

So, £1m avoids a deterioration in service from today’s position – it is not an investment in improvements.

£0.6m has yet to be spent, so the total £1.6m investment was not delivered by April 2017, as pledged.

The full £1.6m is not new money – this results from cutting other services within the Council. Details of which services are being cut, directly in preference to this Neighbourhood pledge, have not been declared. To quote the Council:

“There isn’t a specific list of funding for the £1.6m”


This has been planned in the context of a budget which we were told was so tight that there was no room for manoeuvre….except that the Council has now “found” £1.6m of alternative, new, savings. This questions many of the previous cuts which the people of Derby were told were unavoidable. It is all about choices!

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