Derby City Council

Opportunity to do good with £93k windfall income, missed – to be put in reserves.

6X4A0991In austere times, when funds are short, and critical services/events of public value have been cut then windfall receipts can present an opportunity. At the Cabinet meeting this week, the following is being reoported:

“.. the Council has received an unbudgeted windfall of £93,000 as a result of the termination of the Consortium of Local Authorities Special Programme (CLASP) organisation.”

At a Council level this is a small amount, but for individuals, and small groups, this could be a life-saver. The Council has a choice to do some good with this windfall. However, the Council has chosen not to do that:

“In order to meet corporate priorities and commitments for economic growth, it is recommended that the £93,000 income received from CLASP and £95,000 of the backdated VAT reserve are both allocated to the Economic Partnership Reserve.”

The Economic Partnership Reserve is

“…to enable partnership working which promotes initiatives for growth in the city and which includes funds to meet Marketing Derby costs”

Incidentally, the Council has been successful in the past in recovering VAT paid:

“The Council has also previously made successful claims for backdated VAT which is held in a separate reserve, with a current balance of £156,000.”

Cllr Banwait will always maintain that he has no choices, and that every ill-deed is caused by the Government’s austerity programme. Good things don’t always have to be grand gestures, they can be small, well-placed, but significant interventions.

This is one of them, why miss the opportunity?

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  1. No funding for Stockbrook Colts to pay for lighting on the courts. My son his partner and many of their friends give up evenings and weekends to keepchildren busy with football clubs and keep them off the streets !

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