Derby City Council

Teaching Assistants dismissed, and forced by Derby City Council to “accept” Pay cuts

6X4A0175Last night, all of the Teaching Assistants (TAs) in Derby who had not already accepted Derby City Council’s new Terms and Conditions were dismissed. This resulted from the Council’s inability to negotiate a settlement with the Unions that was anything more favourable than a 20-25% pay cut. This is despite the fact that the new package fails their own Equality Impact Assessment.

This morning the TAs had a choice – remain dismissed, or return to work, and be forced to accept the only available offer.

The majority of the TAs at Ivy House school met outside of the school doors at 8am, to enter as a united group, as an act of solidarity. They had no choice but to return to work, but their determination to continue the fight is unrelenting. With the exception of about 1 person, all of the appeals from the TAs at Ivy House school were mislaid due to an “administrative error”. This was met with a huge amount of scepticism. So despite being hand-delivered to the Council just over 3 months ago, the formal process has not been followed, and so most will not know how much pay they will paid in a few weeks time. It would seem that those TAs throughout the city who have been active….have all been subject to the same “error”.

June 6th was suppposed to be like any other day – the 1st day back after half-term. But, unusually, it was re-designated as an Inset (training) day.

As the TAs gathered, grouped, hugged, and entered the building – for the first time ever they were required to sign in at reception….and to sign out at the end of the day.

This is not the end of this dispute….

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  1. Actually ALL council staff members who did not agree were dismissed not only TA’s, some of those have had pay cuts too, some have had pay rises too – not accepting the terms and conditions is not directly linked to the pay altough there is a link, it is not simple. You could accept the pay but not agree to other elelments of the terms and conditions, or accept the terms but appeal the pay grade outcome.

  2. Shame on the city councillors who I am sure didn’t take a pay cut themselves after wasting over £1million on consultants. They are persecuting poorly paid loyal workers in pursuit of a thinly disguised money saving exercise . If they are really serious about equality they should do the same with all the teaching staff and not just the teaching assistants. They won’t of course because they can’t bully teachers into submission so easily.

    • You obviously don’t understand the workload of teachers who spend much of their own time after work and school holidays ‘working’ as the system is not set up with enough time to do their job during the school day.

      • Sorry Deborah, I don’t understand your point in the context of the article I wrote. I am aware of the loading problem but I wasn’t really writing about that….

  3. How is ANY of this in any way legal? Surely the TAs would have a claim for unfair dismissal or be entitled to some kind of redundancy payment if they were no longer employed by the city council? Where are these wonderful EU employment regulations we have heard so much about?

  4. Thought all the ta’s would be on the ‘living wage’like others employed within the county,with protection annual salary, grade protection inc trade union membership also the contract is probably 37 weeks with a set number hours, I know things have altered with pensions and single status payments etc but the derby city council have obviously broken all their guidelines and any contracts made are now broken;; the city council should be stripped of their powers and have their shoddy and possible illegal book keeping independently audited and the day to day running of school services overseen, the council put into ‘special measures’ as it’s not fit for purpose and it’s taxpayers money they squanderyet don’t provide basics for the citizens of derby or their own employees

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