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Mayor of Derby (Cllr Pegg) uses “office” to avoid public debate in his ward

6X4A9252The very active New Zealand Community Association (New Zealand is a section of the Mackworth ward south of the A38) invited all May 2016 candidates for the Mackworth ward to attend a public meeting, chaired by Lisa Higginbottom, at the Lonny Wilsoncraft Community Centre on April 18th at 7pm. This invite was sent out on March 10th.  All candidates accepted except Paul Pegg who, on March 11th replied by stating that ” I will be unable to attend due to a long standing mayoral engagement”.

It is understandable that, regardless of the election timescale, the Mayor’s duties continue, and it is recognised that his “office” is a busy one.

On 8th April, the Mayoral engagements were published for the week commencing 18th April – this showed no event after 2pm.

On 15th April UKIP issued a press release to myself, Derby Telegraph, and Radio Derby which included reference to the fact that the Mayor’s timetable seemed to be clear on the evening of the 18th. To my knowledge this press release was not published anywhere.

By 18th April, and published on the Derby City Council website, an engagement had now been included  as “Event at the 3aaa’s County Ground, Nottingham Road, Derby” from 5pm-8pm. Unlike other engagements which are usually very detailed, this was brief and non-specific. A call to the Cricket Club events team on the morning of the 18th confirmed that no meeting was taking place that evening that involved the Mayor ( there was a closed meeting for Member’s only)- this was given by someone who declared herself to be Paul Pegg’s daughter.

An email later that day, to the Ground, was followed with the reply “I’ve checked with the events team and there is no event on tonight with the mayor attending”.

I visited the County Ground just before 5pm on the 18th, and observed Paul Pegg arrive at the ground, in his personal car, driven by himself. After waiting for about 15 minutes a young woman came out of the offices, and got into his car ( she matches the description of his daughter). They then drove off. 45 minutes later, the same car was parked outside his registered address.

mayor timetable


I also attended the Public meeting at 7pm, and there was some confusion with respect to the Mayor’s presence.

Cllr Pegg could easily have declined the invitation by being far more straightforward. Why it was necessary to use the privilege of the Mayor’s “Office” to fabricate an event as a “cast iron” excuse for not attending a public debate raises many questions.

I’m sure that the voters of Mackworth Ward will be keen to ask him questions when they next meet him.

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  1. sounds like a little bit of back stabbing going on here, stick to the issues and if your convincing enough people will listen and make their own minds up. Paul Pegg has given up so much to serve the people of Mackworth and Derby, negative politics is not what voters want to hear .

  2. It was an issue for the people in his ward who invited him to their meeting that he created a Mayoral event, which didn’t exist in order to not come and talk to them. Those are the facts – it’s not about back-stabbing. Perhaps if he was more respectful and honest then such a situation would not have happened. This is not negative politics….as I’m not standing, I’m reporting something which I felt was in the public interest. And the feedback is that those people who elected him are interested in this.

  3. I phoned the mayors office then next day to complain and neither I or the lady who organised the event have heard from him . He was at the centre on the 20th of April and rushed out to his car.

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