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Cutting Voluntary Sector Grants: Imagine the Council were that stupid!

Imagine this being an empty room in the Indian Community Centre! Imagine that all of the elderly ladies stayed at home!


Imagine that they didn’t meet their friends, didn’t share a meal with each other, didn’t share life’s stories! Imagine that they were isolated!

Imagine that they didn’t have a chance to find out about local services! Imagine that they missed out on many great opportunities to make their life better.

Imagine that they didn’t have the chance to exchange information with friends which could keep them safe, and healthy!
Imagine that they didn’t meet Council staff who could help them sort out many of life’s problems
Imagine that they didn’t realise that their neighbours could help them stay safe

Imagine if you could fund just 1 person, and get 15 extra people to work for free – purely based on goodwill. What great value for money!

And then….

Imagine if Derby City Council decided that this should stop!

Imagine what the cost impact will be on social services, health services, cohesion, and the quality of life for a hard to reach population.

Imagine that the Council were actually suggesting that they can’t afford this…just for the price of 1 Councillor’s allowances! ( We’d still have 50 left)

Imagine that it was not just this group, but another 27 organisations all doing equally worthy work in the community for the vulnerable people in this City.

You can’t !  You just can’t imagine that anyone would be that stupid!

Further details : Voluntary Sector: 100% Council Grant cuts will be negligent and cynical


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  1. So what should they do different – where should the savings come from instead? are these Tory government cuts or Labour City Council cuts? I am confused and a lot of us poor public are! What is going on and what is the truth? The next Derby City Council Cabinet meeting on Wednesday Feb 10th, 6pm will receive a report from officers (agenda item 11) recommending that councillors ” 2.1 To approve that officers continue to work with the voluntary sector and other partners to identify opportunities for the sector in the future, 2.2 To approve in line with Councils 2016/17 budget, exit from the Council element of funding with the named organisations listed at appendix 2. 2.3 To approve that officers of the Council offer support and advice to organisations wherever possible to mitigate the impact of the funding decision. The reason for the consultation which was held last year was given as this: “The Council is predicting significant cuts in the funding it receives in the future from Central Government and anticipates that this will be to create a gap between the funding available and cost of providing services to local people. One of the options being considered by the Council is to reduce or cease the funding it provides for discretionary, none statutory services within the Voluntary and Community Sector. This consultation process forms part of the Big Conversation the Council has re-launched to gather the comments of local people and partners to inform the difficult decisions the Council needs to make to balance its budget in the next three years. Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (SDCCG) is working in partnership with the Council on the consultation process to ensure that any possible changes to local services are fully understood and any future funding it provides for Voluntary and Community Sector services will meet SDCCG priorities.”…/Sele…/Documents/Default.aspx

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