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Derby City Council defer Pay Cuts until 1 June 2016; short-term victory for protestors


Following the demonstrations and public outcry against the Pay cuts for the Teaching Assistants, and lack of agreement, this is the letter issued by Paul Robinson yesterday to all affected staff. Note the back-up plan to “sack” all staff, and re-instate them on the new Terms and Conditions….on an individual level. Presumably ignoring the collective representation of the Trade Unions?

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Job Evaluation – important announcement

Dear Colleague,

You will be aware that we have been meeting with our recognised Trade Unions – GMB, UNISON and UNITE –  for a number of months now relating to our proposals to introduce a new pay and grading structure and harmonise terms and conditions of employment for employees covered by the NJC agreement (Green Book), across the Council and School support staff.

Elected Members and Senior Officers have stressed throughout the negotiations with the three Trade Unions that it is the Council’s preference to implement the changes by joint agreement.

After long and protracted negotiations, we have been informed thatnot all Trade Unions are in a position to ballot their members in a timescale acceptable to the Council. Due to the time spent in seeking a joint agreement the Council has now confirmed that it is no longer possible to implement job evaluation and changes to terms and conditions by 1st January 2016. Whilst this is regrettable, putting our time and resources into working towards a joint agreement was always the Council’s priority.

In light of this position, the Council now needs to consider alternative options for implementation.  This includes an invitation to individually sign up to the revised terms and conditions of employment.

After a period of consultation, should any employee choose not to agree to the proposed changes, the Council will need to consider terminating contracts and offering re-engagement on the revised terms and conditions (with continuing service preserved).

Whilst this is not something the Council wishes to pursue, we must ensure that the harmonisation of pay and terms and conditions is not delayed any further. Implementation is now proposed for 1st June 2016.

All current terms and conditions remain unchanged until the implementation date, including existing protection of earnings arrangements arising from the previous job evaluation implementation.


Our original Appeals Policy was designed to support a joint agreement however, as this is no longer feasible, the Appeals Policy has been substantially changed and a copy will be sent to all employees who have already registered an intent to appeal. This will also be displayed on iDerby and the Portal.

In view of the delay this has caused, the closing dates for Appeals is now 31st January 2016 for Council jobs and 29th February 2016 for school support jobs.

We will continue to provide you with regular updates as we progress the individual consultation process and continue to explain what it means to you. In the meantime, if you have any concerns or questions, please discuss these with your Manager/Head Teacher or contact the Equal Pay Review Help Desk on 64 2575 or

Employees can contact the Council’s free and confidential employee assistance service at Care First on 0800 174 319.


Paul Robinson

Chief Executive

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