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JET ( Jobs, Education & Training) : Derby’s 3rd Tourist Attraction – Apparently?




If you missed the segment on East Midlands Today broadcast on 11 August 2015, here it is in full.

The reporter proudly announces that it is “Derby’s 3rd Tourist attraction”. Although Derby is probably short of places of interest in the Lonely Planet guide, I’m sure we can think of many entertaining days out for tourists before suggesting a stroll down Normanton Road to see the empty JET offices.

It seems that staff will be giving up half of their wages so they can stay in business. So they talk to former staff members who have been made redundant to demonstrate that point. These are the 2 ESOL tutors – JET does not have a great reputation in Derby for its ESOL tuition. They don’t even attend the city-wide ESOL forum. Even by his own admission, Sharief accepts that their ESOL service is fairly basic.  The funding is given to those organisations who are OFSTED approved, and quality assured in ESOL – Derby Adult Learning Services and Derby College.

I wonder if Sharief will be taking a 50% salary cut, and a reduction in the rent by £30,000 – in solidarity with his current and former staff members?

According to the reporter, “they start queuing before 9am”. Perhaps on the infamous “Job Club Wednesday” but not on other days of the week. Most of the time JET should be called Derby’s very-own “Marie Celeste”!

The East Midlands Today “investigative” journalist had picked up that 20,000 people came though the doors last year. It’s a shame that he didn’t even look at their Twitter feed where they proudly announced that there were 32039. Why the discrepancy? Where did they go? Derby’s very own “Bermuda Triangle”?

twitter extract


The report mourns the loss of funding as though it was an unforeseen act, and the fact that JET has no reserves is the tragic act of a 3rd Party when in fact the charity has been systematically drained of cash for years 


Most interestingly, there is no appearance by Sharief, himself, in the film. Normally a man who is not shy of a bit of personal PR. Perhaps he’s on a break, enjoying himself at “Derby’s 4th Tourist Attraction”?


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  1. Aah, dear old Jeremy Ball. Long since referred to amongst activists here in Nottingham as the ‘odious’ Jeremy Ball. Often seen, microphone in hand, sniffing around protests and demos, experienced participants of which are desperately trying to avoid him, or outside the courts, all in the vain hope of, of, well goodness knows what actually. His reports are at best (and always) bland and stultifying, at worst, a heady mix of misleading and misrepresentative junk, often with more than a little toadying towards the authorities thrown in for good measure.

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