Derby City Council

Why does the ‘Mayor of Derby’s Charity Fund’ donate so little to Derby ?

It is routine that at the end of the Mayor’s year in office, donations are made from a specific fund, to charitable causes. The total amount is modest, and in May 2015 it amounted to just under £20,000. The money is split between organisations that the Mayor has chosen to support plus smaller groups who apply for the balance of the pot. Whilst the funds available are relatively small, it can be a small fortune for local groups who depend much on personal goodwill and limited finance. This distribution seems like a great opportunity for the Mayor to make a large difference in a small way to a number of local charities.

This year :

– 2 donations were made of £5500 each to the British Heart Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Society who have a combined income of £350 million.

– 1 donation of £5500 was made to the Midland Doctors Association which is a health charity primarily focussed in Pakistan. Income £0.25 million

– the balance of £3300 was distributed to 11, predominantly, local organisations ( average of £300 each). Some of which are reasonably substantial and have appreciable funding from elsewhere.

Hoverla Ukrainian Dance Troup
Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre, Skegness
Toc H Children’s Camp
Children First Derby
Sight Support Derbyshire
Royal School for the Deaf
Derby Cathedral
Islamic Centre, Derby
Nepal Earthquake
St Thomas’ Church
Project Touchdown

Whilst the British Heart Foundation and Alzheimer’s Society are worthy causes, is this really the best use of public funds when the level of donation will make an imperceptible contribution to their healthy finances? The opportunity existed, instead, to give, for example, 22 small Derby-based organisations £500 each,….where the service users would feel the effect in a more profound and immediate way.

There must be more creative and inspiring ways of donating cash in these austere times than supporting the national, corporate, rich charities?


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