Stand up to Racism and Fascism – Demonstration and Rally – London March 21 2015

>The march through London yesterday was a protest against all forms of racism and bigotry in our society as well as the Government policies which are particularly disadvantageous to minorities and vulnerable groups. As we enter the lead up the General Election the concern is that the populist views promoted by UKIP will become part of the armoury of Conservative and Labour rhetoric to secure those much needed votes. The plea from many of the speakers was ” You cannot out-UKIP, UKIP”

A number of family members spoke whose sons/relatives had dies in the hands of the Police. In all cases, the detailed investigations fell to the family members to pursue. Speaking were Carole Duggan,  Marcia Rigg and Stephanie Lightfoot-Bennett.

The messages around the value of immigration to this country, the fact that we should welcome people to out cities, that there should be humane treatment for asylum seekers, and refugees, and general concern over the rise of prejudice and discrimination are at the heart of what Derby News is about. I am pleased to have attended and share some poignant photos from the day.

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