“Sweet Meet” opens at Sahahra in the Arboretum for the Community


In the Lodge, on the edge of the Arboretum, adjacent to Rose Hill street, is Sahahra. This is a Day Care centre for the elderly people from the local Pakistani community and it gives them the opportunity to get out and meet friends in a safe and convivial atmosphere.  The centre is run by Jangir Khan who is also a local councilor for Normanton, with Nick Gregory who is the chair, and a team of volunteers.


The centre meets Monday – Thursday each week with the building being closed on Friday. With it being in the heart of the community, Jangir and Nick, looked into options as to how to use it each Friday. With the support of funding from The People’s Health Trust Fund they came up with the idea of “Sweet Meet”. This will be an opportunity for anyone from the area to come and be involved in activities, and to meet people.  It will not be confined to the Pakistani community and will help by allowing people across different cultures to come together and engage freely.  The opening was on March 20th with a supportive speech by the Mayor of Derby Fareed Hussain who welcomed the initiative with its attempt to foster integration.
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