City’s emergency food drop-off point now at Derby County’s Pride Park stadium

At the end of March, I reported on the new emergency food provision in the City.

Derby’s emergency food provision during Covid-19 Lockdown period

This has been set up by the Derby City Council backed Derby Covid Community Response Hub and is an emergency provision where existing local options are not available. The contact details for anyone needing support are:


RING : 01332 640000

Can you donate food?

The people of Derby are  being very generous with food donations to such an extent that there needs to be some co-ordination of these many food gifts.

Derby County has offered, in conjunction with the Council supported Food Forum Network, and Derby County Community Trust to provide regular drop off points at Pride Park stadium.

The organisers anticipate that people will be able to tie in a visit to the stadium along with their food shopping, commute to work or existing essential travel and not to make a special trip and so avoid breaking government guidelines.

The food drop-off point, which will be located in the West Stand Car Park, was launched on Thursday 16th April and donations can now be accepted between 10am-2pm on every Monday and Thursday for the foreseeable future, staffed by volunteers from the Club and Community Trust.

All these donations will be forwarded to the Derby Covid Community Response Hub who will ensure that it is distributed to those most in need of help in the City.

Want to help but are unable to get to Pride Park?

Any individuals that are unable to physically visit the food drop-off point but wish to make a financial contribution are advised to contact Paul Brookhouse, who is the Project Co-ordinator for the Derby Food Forum Network Covid Co-ordination, on

What donations are required?

Basically, only tinned and dry produce – no perishables.

The items the Derby Food Forum network have specifically requested:

TINNED SOUP – Traditional flavours such as Tomato, Vegetable, Chicken & Mushroom etc



SPAGHETTI – Other tinned pasta EG Ravioli/Macaroni Cheese

PASTA SAUCE – Ideally Tomato

HOT MEAT – Tins of meat EG Stewing Steak, Meatballs, Curry etc

COLD MEAT – Tins of cooked meat EG Ham, Corned Beef etc

FISH – Tinned EG Tuna

VEGETABLES – Tins of sweetcorn, carrots, peas, potatoes, kidney beans/pulses

DESSERTS – Creamed rice, steamed puddings, tinned fruit

NOODLES – Packet flavoured noodles

PASTA – Dried pasta 500g-1kg packs

RICE -500g-1kg size packs




PRESERVES -Jam, Marmalade, Honey, Chocolate Spread, Peanut Butter


CEREALS – Ideally Weetabix or variety packs due to size

MILK – Cartons – 500ml & 1ltr UHT



There could be concerns as to where all of the food goes but the Council backed Derby Covid Community Response Hub along with the principal voluntary sector Charity in the City, Community Action Derby, Derby Food Forum Network, Derby County, and the Community Trust will be ensuring that it is only given to those struggling during these difficult times.

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