Charity issues

Sinfin Moor Social Club saved by local resident and shareholder Sanjeev Chopra

The Derby News article of November 24th  “Sinfin Moor Social Club : Sikh Gurdwara for Tory votes?” detailed the controversial activities that could have led to the Club being closed down. This publication led to awareness being raised and questions being asked in the Council and within the community

One of the current shareholders, Sanjeev Chopra, was “shocked and concerned with recent developments”  he explained that he “had not been party to any of these discussions”.
He went on to say:

“My position is really simple and clear. I want the Sinfin Moor Social Club (SMSC) to once again be a vibrant part of Sinfin & Stenson and I want to restore it to it’s former vibrancy. I want it to continue to be a facility that is used by the whole community and not any particular factions. I am committed to this and will do all in my power to work with the local community, our Councillors and any other interested parties to make SMSC a great family orientated local community based Social Club that is always welcoming to all.”

Sanjeev has agreed terms to buy out his former partner and the process to transact the legal requirements is well under way. The SMSC is currently closed due to refurbishment, and will be re opened once work is complete.

In 2016 Sanjeev invested significantly into the Sinfin Moor Social Club, this wasn’t to seek massive financial returns but about his desire to help support his local community that has supported him for many years, particularly the footballing fraternity. Sanj played for and captained the successful 1990’s Sinfin Moor Social Club colts team from under 12’s to the under 18’s


A great example of the community coming together and common sense prevailing to protect a local amenity -complacency would have resulted in it being lost to Sinfin.

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