Charity issues

This is Derby Celebration event – sports, arts and culture collaborate to improve essential life skills of young people

A colourful, vibrant, and inspiring event took place in the Market Square on Saturday 13th July as a fitting end to a year long project called – This is Derby.

The project is led by Derby County Community Trust, Derby Cultural Education Partnership and Derby Sport Forum, including Artcore, Baby People, Deda, Derby Museums, Derby Theatre, East Midlands Caribbean Carnival Arts Network, QUAD, and Sinfonia Viva.

The purpose of the project is to close Derby’s social mobility gap.

“In Derby there are thousands of young people who are born with the odds stacked against them through no fault of their own. They are less likely to achieve in school, they are more likely to become unemployed, become involved in crime and lower life expectancy than their more affluent peers”

The vision is to use the power of sport, arts, and cultural activities to improve the essential life skills of young people, and overcome one of the serious challenges of our time.

“We would hope to see a city where young people are thriving regardless of their circumstances”


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