Rolls-Royce war dead remembered, for the future, as OSCAR says farewell

Last year, on the 75th Anniversary of the bombing of the Rolls-Royce factory in Osmaston, a memorial was unveiled to remember the 23 people that lost their lives

75 years ago : Memorial unveiled to commemorate 23 people killed during bombing raid on Rolls-Royce

Mick Whitehead, of the local community group, Osmaston Community Association of Residents (OSCAR), one of the key partners who championed the idea of a memorial, felt that it would be fitting to have a small annual gathering of the friends, and families of those that were lost on that day., together with members of the community.

Mairi Radcliffe, the lay pastor from the St Martin’s Church in Allenton led a short service, and read the names of all 23 people, in their memory.

This place will also serve as a meeting point on Remembrance Sunday.

OSCAR, which is a resident led group, was formed in June 2011 in conjunction with Derby Homes and Derby City Council. and supported by many others over the last 7 years. Today was their last day and it has now closed – not through lack of funding, but through lack of volunteers – a sign of changing times, perhaps?

A summary of their achievements is best represented in their “closing down” post. There will be many long standing legacies of their work in Osmaston not least the memorial at the Rolls-Royce factory.

A day of memories, all round!

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  1. Thanks for the coverage Russell, it is appreciated by all members of Oscar, and all those that have been involved in an attempt to improve Osmaston over the last 7 years.
    It has been an interesting and challenging journey, and demonstrates in some small way what is possible to achieve if the right people come together at the right time with the right ideas, and then attempt to work as a team.

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