Significant financial decisions for a Council that has no money


For a Council that is having to monitor revenue spending very closely, then the business cases for these significant projects, need to be robust and transparent. We look forward to the point when they are open to public scrutiny.

Business Rates Write Off.

Details of why the amounts have been written off. looks like the enforcement team may have taken their eye off the ball somewhere.




Improving attendance

The Delivering Differently Board has approved a project aimed at improving attendance and performance by managing the health of employees of Derby City Council. The project, introducing a nurse led absence triage service and two Health and Attendance Advisers, is part of a wider employee Health and Wellbeing Strategy. It involves the creation of a dedicated team, based within Occupational Health, to reduce employee absence, improve health and reduce the cost of sickness absence cover. The project will be an initial three year pilot with a review at the end of each year to determine need and progress.

The overall cost of the project over the 3 years is approximately £753k, which includes approximately £450k for a new triage service. The cost of year 1 is being funded by the council’s Delivering Differently Fund, years 2 and 3 will be met from reductions in the cost of employing contactors (to cover for sickness absence) across the authority.

Approval is sought to tender for the triage service contract, at a cost of up to £150k per annum, and to delegate contract award to the Strategic Director of Communities and Place following the tender process. Subject to approval and recruitment the project will commence on 1 April 2017.

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  1. Business rates right off… If the company in question wasn’t paying and has since been dissolved, gone bankrupt etc then as far as I’m aware there’s nothing the council can do to get the money. So not really the council’s fault. Businesses going bankrupt or not being able to afford their bills is unfortunately a normal part of life, and is often not malicious. Bad debtors is something every business or organisation (eg the council) has to factor into their finances.

    As for improving attendance… The council intends to make their work force more efficient, be there more often (and thus contribute more), and to achieve this they plan to hire more people (which creates jobs) to manage it all? Cant see why that’s a bad thing?

  2. These actions would be run of the mill for any other organisation. The fact that the ruling Labour group blame EVERYTHING on central government “cuts” means that they’ve largely forfeited any credibibility on financial issues. Local government in general has been inefficient for decades and could do with having less taxpayer money to waste. In particular, I’m thinking of the Grant Thorton report and the shambles over the Assembly Rooms under-insurance. Derby deserves better leadership from the Council!

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