“Breaking down barriers for Disabled”; Do What You Want-Live 2016

6x4a460915Over 70 organisations gathered for the annual Do What You Want Live (DWYW) event, organised by Disability Direct, at the Roundhouse in Derby today. It was an exhibition, and a celebration, of the many people and groups who operate in the City to help disabled people “do what they want”. Whether it be advice, services, care, equipment, entertainment, sport – they range from inspiration, aspiration to perspiration.

6x4a460315Modern day attitudes to disability is not about barriers, it’s about recognising that the way that society is organised is the problem, and when this attitude is addressed then those who have conventionally been referred to as “disabled” then have the best opportunity to be independent.

6x4a460415The DWYW event is a showcase of positivity and a fine example of how seemingly unconnected charities and groups can coalesce in an informal way to be of great value. There is no over-arching governmental or Council control over this cohort – many, if not all, evolved from compelling gaps in care and support, some over 100 years old, well before anyone decided that there was a need for governmental champions.

6x4a460715One of the values of the event is about networking, connecting with old faces, and unlocking new opportunities. The DWYW directory is a useful resource of local links to help with personal independence.

6x4a459615Just over a year ago I wrote about the Nimbus Disability Access Card which is a major, but simple, innovation that helps disabled people with the “barrier” of booking concert tickets…amongst other things. The hard work of the MD, Martin Austin, is paying off. His computers were in meltdown today as disabled people booking tickets for the ‘Take That’ concerts realised that having an Access Card would be a major advantage to them…..hopefully this is a breakthrough in their revolution?

6x4a460215The introduction from the DWYW event booklet sums it up

“So next time you plan your social calendar don’t let society dictate what you can and can’t do, With a helping hand from us, surprise them all and surprise yourself too…”


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  1. Thank you so very much for taking the time out to Speak with me and for your incredible support and belief in my vision to Promote the power of positivity! Abriella Mae xxx

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