Derby City Council

Cllr Paul Pegg re-writes history, and takes credit for work done by Officers.

6x4a3972aOnce again Cllr Paul Pegg has been found skirting with reality in his recollection of the facts of history.

At the Council meeting on 14th September 2016 a question was asked about the funding of a war memorial that is to be erected in Mackworth

As Cllr Rawson, stumbled over the answer to the question, Cllr Pegg started “air drawing” from his chair in the Chamber the numbers “106”.

(This referred to s.106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 which obligates developers to pay money to local authorities to cover the cost of new roads, facilities etc that result from building a new estate – commonly called “section 106 money”)

Rawson, chuckles…

“Cllr Pegg’s telling me of the hard work he’s done in order to attract the’s actually from section I’d like to pay tribute to Cllr Pegg, and the other Mackworth councillors who worked so hard to deliver this ….”

Followed by a smiling Banwait and a round of applause from the other Labour members.

Anyone who is familiar with section 106 will know that this is negotiated between the local Authority and the Developer/Applicant – in this case, Derby College.

I asked under Freedom of Information:

“Was Cllr Pegg, personally, responsible for securing this money from the developer or was it standard terms.


“Cllr Pegg was not personally responsible for this. The money was secured  through negotiation by Officers with Derby College’s agents. The policy basis for securing the contribution was the Council’s Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document which states that public art contributions can be secured for residential developments of over 100 dwellings.”

And to cap it all, the s.106 agreement was signed 20th October 2010 – 18 months before Pegg was first elected as a Councillor!  Perhaps he should have checked this before he took the applause.

Did he really think that no one would follow this up?


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  1. He’s the only Counsillor that’s turned down my planning application on Mackworth est.highways etc all ok but because he’s objected it now has to go to a planning meeting at extra cost to myself.from what I’ve read about him,lies & taking credit for things he’s not actually done how the hell is he still a councillor or are you all afraid of him???. It’s disgraceful !

    • How did he turn it down….he’s not on the planning meeting. Email me with more details…..I have more articles on Pegg coming – I’m NOT afraid of him despite his death threat against me.

  2. Typical politicians, attempting to take glory for actions taken by hard working officers, but when there are problems, usually down to politicians messing things up and interfering, they find scapegoats and disassociate themselves from officers, and have the PR backing to spin and deflect blame on to them. DCC is a service provider to taxpayers and it’s about time local government was de-politicised by removing political influence. Let the officers / managment experts get on with their jobs and run it themselves.

  3. Has anyone else queried the labour leaflet that has come round chaddesden. Taking credit for 2 new schools which just isn’t the case. They are rebuilds of the schools already on site e.g chaddesden park infant and juniors. But the money for this comes from central government doesn’t it which I do believe isn’t labour.

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